Class 11 NCERT Home Science

Class 11 NCERT Home Science

The field of Home Science encompasses five areas, namely, Food and Nutrition, Human Development and Family Studies, Fabric and Apparel, Resource Management, and Communication and Extension.

All these domains have their specific content and focus that contribute to the study of the individual and the family in Indian socio-cultural context.


  1. Introduction

Unit I: Understanding Oneself Adolescence

  1. Understanding the Self
  2. Food, Nutrition, Health and Fitness
  3. Management of Resources
  4. Fabrics Around Us
  5. Media and Communication Technology
  6. Effective Communication Skills
  7. Living and Working in a Global Society

Unit II: Understanding Family, Community and Society

  1. Relationships and Interactions with ‘Significant Others’
  2. Concerns and Needs in Diverse Contexts

Unit III: Childhood

  1. Survival, Growth and Development
  2. Nutrition, Health and Well-Being
  3. Care and Education
  4. Our Apparel

Unit IV: Adulthood

  1. Health and Wellness
  2. Financial Management and Planning
  3. Care and Maintenance of Fabrics
  4. Perspectives in Communication
  5. Individual Responsibilities and Rights
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