Class 11 NCERT Heritage Crafts

Class 11 NCERT Books

The syllabus for Heritage Crafts for Classes XI and XII consists of three interrelated units: theory, field study, and applied crafts. The textbook comprising the first unit (theory) has been prepared separately for both the classes. The present book, Exploring the Craft Traditions of India, focuses on activities and the practical aspects, the second and third units of the syllabus for this course.

Unit II of the syllabus comprises the documentation work which the students need to do for their practical activities and submit in the form of two small and one big assignments in both the classes whereas Unit III of the syllabus suggests that children and teachers apply what has been learnt and observed by them to improve the school and the home environments.

Exploring the Craft Traditions of India Chapters

  1. Crafts at Home
  2. Local Heritage
  3. Local Architecture
  4. Local Market
  5. Documentation Formats
  6. Research and Preparation
  7. Field Work
  8. Presentation of Data
  9. Innovations in Design and Processes
  10. Creating an Aesthetic Environment
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