Class 11 NCERT Geography

Class 11 NCERT Books
Class 11 NCERT Geography

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  1. India Physical Environment

  2. Fundamentals of Physical Geography

India Physical Environment Chapters

  1. India - Location
  2. Structure and Physiography
  3. Drainage System
  4. Climate
  5. Natural Vegetation
  6. Soils
  7. Natural Hazards and Disasters

Fundamentals of Physical Geography Chapters

  1. Geography as a Discipline
  2. The Origin and Evolution of the Earth
  3. Interior of the Earth
  4. Distribution of Oceans and Continents
  5. Minerals and Rocks
  6. Geomorphic Processes
  7. Landforms and their Evolution
  8. Composition and Structure of Atmosphere
  9. Solar Radiation, Heat Balance and Temperature
  10. Atmospheric Circulation and Weather Systems
  11. Water in the Atmosphere
  12. World Climate and Climate Change
  13. Water (Oceans)
  14. Movements of Ocean Water
  15. Life on the Earth
  16. Biodiversity and Conservation