Class 10 NCERT Science Books

Class 10 NCERT Books Class 10 Science
Class 10 NCERT Science Books

The textbook of Science for Class X is a continuation of Class IX Science textbook. It is an integrated approach to science at this level, with no sharp divisions into disciplines such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Environmental Science.  The theme of each chapter has been introduced with examples from daily life.


  1. Chemical Reactions and Equations

  2. Acids, Bases and Salts

  3. Metals and Non-metals

  4. Carbon and its Compounds

  5. Periodic Classification of Elements

  6. Life Processes

  7. Control and Coordination

  8. How do Organisms Reproduce?

  9. Heredity and Evolution

  10. Light - Reflection and Refraction

  11. Human Eye and Colourful World

  12. Electricity

  13. Magnetic Effects of Electric Current

  14. Sources of Energy

  15. Our Environment

  16. Management of Natural Resources

Science Class X NCERT