Class 10 NCERT History Book

Class 10 NCERT Books
Class 10 NCERT History Book

We live in a world where the existence of nations is taken for granted. We see people as belonging to nations and having a nationality, and we assume that this sense of belonging has existed from time immemorial. We consider countries as the same as nations, and use the two terms as synonyms, making little distinction between them. We think of countries as unified entities, each with a demarcated international boundary, a defined territory, a national language, and a central government.

The sense of belonging to a nation developed only over a period of time. The first three chapters (in Section I) of this book will trace this history. In Section II, we will shift our focus to economies and livelihoods. Section III will introduce you to the histories of print culture and the novel.

Chapters: India and the Contemporary World-II

Section I: Events and Processes

  • I. The Rise of Nationalism in Europe 
  • II. The Nationalist Movement in Indo-China 
  • III. Nationalism in India

Section II: Livelihoods, Economies and Societies

  • IV. The Making of a Global World
  • V. The Age of Industrialisation
  • VI. Work, Life and Leisure

Section III: Everyday Life, Culture and Politics

  • VII. Print Culture and the Modern World 
  • VIII. Novels, Society and History