Class 02 NCERT Books
Class 02 NCERT English: Raindrops

The concept of phonological awareness introduced in is continued in this book. The focus is predominantly aural-oral. Listening as a skill is usually neglected in schools. Children are generally not encouraged to speak in the classroom, unless it is to answer questions put by the teacher. The book contains activities that focus on rhyming, alliteration, consonant clusters, and so on.


  1. Action song (poem)
  2. Our day
  3. My family
  4. Whats going on?
  5. Mohan, the potter
  6. Rain in summer (poem)
  7. My village
  8. The work people do
  9. Work (poem)
  10. Our national symbols
  11. The festivals of India
  12. The monkey and The elephant
  13. Going to the fair
  14. Colours (poem)
  15. Sikkim

English Raindrops Class II NCERT