Class 01 NCERT Books
Class 01 NCERT English: Raindrops

Conventional textbooks presented the letters of the alphabet in the beginning itself, in the ‘A for Apple’ mode. This is no longer the case. Research on syllable recognition and letter–sound correspondence have shown that exposure to a series of words focusing on a particular sound facilitates learning.

The letter groups for tracing are based on the hand movement required, and the letter recognition indicates the alphabetical order of the letters, which is necessary for reference skills later, to look up dictionaries, directories, and so on.


  1. Clap, Clap, Clap
  2. One, Two
  3. The Little Bird
  4. Bubbles
  5. Chhotu
  6. Animals and Birds
  7. Fruits and Vegetables
  8. Who Am I?
  9. Hide and Seek
  10. Fun with Numbers
  11. Shapes
  12. Cats
  13. Colours
  14. Actions We Do
  15. Left and Right
  16. The Lion and the Mouse
  17. Morning and Evening
  18. May I Come In?
  19. Action Song

English Raindrops Class I NCERT