Cable Jointer (Power) Class 11 NCERT

Cable Jointer (Power) Class 11 NCERT

Power is one of the most critical components of infrastructure and crucial for the welfare of the nation. The power sector plays a vital role in the economic growth and human development of any country. Electricity consumption is one of the most important indices for measuring the development level of a nation.

A Cable Jointer manages the installation, repair and maintenance of electrical cables and fixtures and power line in housing, commercial and institutional setups. The textbook for the job role of ‘Cable Jointer’ has been developed to impart knowledge and skills through hands-on learning experience, which forms a part of the experiential learning. Experiential learning focuses on the learning process for the individual. Therefore, the learning activities are student-centred rather than teacher-centred.


Unit 1: Electricity 1

  • Session 1: Electricity Generation Concept
  • Session 2: Basic Units and Effects of Electric Current
  • Session 3: Concept of Electrical Power and Energy
  • Session 4: Importance of Earthing System

Unit 2: Handling of Tools and Equipment

  • Session 1: Tools and Equipment
  • Session 2: Tools and Equipment used for Cable Laying

Unit 3: Electrical Wiring Components and Accessories

  • Session 1: Identifying and Selecting Wiring Material and Components
  • Session 2: ICTP Switch and Distribution Board
  • Session 3: Workplace Health and Safety Measures

Unit 4: Installation of Cables

  • Session 1: Laying of Underground Cables
  • Session 2: Laying of AB Cables

Unit 5: Repairing of Cable Joints

  • Session 1: Electrical Cable Jointing Methods
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