Beauty Therapist Class 11 NCERT

Beauty Therapist Class 11 NCERT

The Beauty and Wellness sector is growing at a fast pace and is an important industry in India. The reason for this exponential growth is the rising consumerism, globalisation and changing lifestyles of consumers.

The rapid growth in the Beauty and Wellness Industry, with the entry of many small and large companies, has led to a huge demand for trained personnel to perform various job roles, such as Assistant Beauty Therapist and Beauty Therapist.

A Beauty Therapist is responsible for arranging and providing various beauty therapy services, such as manicure, pedicure, threading, waxing, mehendi and make-up. The textbook for the job role of a ‘Beauty Therapist’ has been developed to impart knowledge and skills through hands-on learning experience, which forms a part of experiential learning.


Unit 1: Beauty and Wellness Industry, and Beauty Therapy

  • Session 1: Career Opportunities in the Beauty and Wellness Sector
  • Session 2: Beauty Therapy Services
  • Session 3: Preparing and Maintaining the Work Area
  • Session 4: Health and Safety in the Work Area

Unit 2: Skincare Services

  • Session 1: Anatomy and Physiology of the Skin
  • Session 2: Types of Skin and Skincare
  • Session 3: Actions of the Facial, Neck and Shoulder Muscles
  • Session 4: Bleaching

Unit 3: Manicure and Pedicure Services

  • Session 1: Anatomy of the Nail, Hand and Feet
  • Session 2: Manicure
  • Session 3: Pedicure

Unit 4: Depilation Services

  • Session 1: Waxing
  • Session 2: Threading
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