Science Class 9 Term-II Syllabus 2022

The syllabus consists of three units: (i) Matter - Its Nature and Behaviour (ii) Organisation in the Living World (iii) Motion, Force and Work.

Exam Structure

Units Marks
I Matter - Its Nature and Behaviour 18
II Organisation in the Living World 8
III Motion, Force and Work 14
  Total 80

Unit I: Matter - Nature and Behaviour

Chapter 3: Atoms and Molecules

Particle nature and their basic units: Atoms and molecules, Law of constant proportions, Atomic and molecular masses. Mole concept: Relationship of mole to mass of the particles and numbers.

Chapter 4: Structure of Atom

Structure of atoms: Electrons, protons and neutrons, valency, chemical formula of common compounds. Isotopes and Isobars.

Unit II: Organization in the Living World

Chapter 13: Why do we fall ill

Health and Diseases: Health and its failure. Infectious and Non-infectious diseases, their causes and manifestation. Diseases caused by microbes (Virus, Bacteria and protozoans) and their prevention, Principles of treatment and prevention. Pulse Polio programmes.

Unit III: Motion, Force and Work

Chapter 10: Gravitation

Gravitation: Gravitation; universal law of gravitation, force of gravitation of the earth (gravity), acceleration due to gravity; mass and weight; free fall.

Chapter 11: Work and Energy

Work, energy and power: Work done by a force, energy, power; kinetic and potential energy; law of conservation of energy.