English Communicative Class 9 Syllabus

The syllabus consists of four sections: (i) Reading Skills (ii) Writing Skills (iii) Grammar (iv) Literature Textbook.

Exam Structure

# Section Marks
A Reading Skills 20
B Writing Skills 25
C Grammar 10
D Literature Textbook 25
  Total 80

The annual examination is of 80 marks, with a duration of three hours.

Section A: Reading

The section will have two unseen passages with the maximum word limit of 750 words. The passages can be of any two types out of the following: literary / factual / discursive.

Objective Type Questions (including Multiple Choice Questions), and Very Short Answer type Questions will be asked to test inference, evaluation, analysis and vocabulary in context.

Section B: Writing

This section will have a variety of short and long writing tasks.

Notice Writing for school assembly/ Resident Welfare Association/ School Events/ Classroom information etc. in maximum 50 words [3 Marks]

Dialogue Writing in maximum 100 words [5 Marks]

Informal Letter maximum 120 words [7 Marks]

Paragraph on one out of two themes based on verbal or visual cues from Main Course Book in maximum 150 words [10 Marks]

Section C: Grammar

Grammar items will be taught and assessed over a period of time. There will be no division of syllabus for Grammar.

  1. Tenses
  2. Modals (have to/had to, must, should, need, ought to and their negative forms)
  3. Subject - verb concord
  4. Reporting
    • Commands and requests
    • Statements
    • Questions
  5. Clauses
    • Noun clauses
    • Adverb clauses
    • Relative clauses
  6. Determiners

The above items may be tested through test types as given below:

  • Gap filling with one or two words to test Prepositions, Articles, Conjunctions and Tenses. [3 marks]
  • Editing or Omission [4 marks]
  • Sentences Reordering or Sentence Transformation in context. [3 marks]

Section D: Literature Textbook

Two out of three extracts from prose/poetry for reference to the context. Very Short Answer Questions will be asked to assess global comprehension and interpretation. [7 marks]

Five Short Answer type Questions out of six from the Literature Reader to test local and global comprehension of theme and ideas (30-40 words each) [10 Marks]

One out of two Long Answer type Questions to assess how the values inherent in the text have been brought out. Creativity, imagination and extrapolation beyond the text and across the texts will be assessed. This can also be a passage-based question taken from a situation/plot from the texts. (150 words). [8 Marks]

Prescribed Books

Interact in English Series

  • Main Course Book
  • Literature Reader
  • Workbook
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