Skill Subjects Class 11 Syllabus

Skill Education

In order to upgrade the skills and proficiency of the young generation and also to provide them awareness to explore about various career options the CBSE has started offering 40 courses at Senior Secondary level. The skill education envisions imparting the procedural knowledge and skills to the students that will enable students to excel and emerge successful in real situation of both work and life.

It works towards imparting an education that is holistic, meaningful and skill oriented which instils among the youth a sense of usefulness and responsibility. You can choose either one or two or three skill subjects from skill electives. You have to choose other elective subjects from academic electives.

Syllabus for Skill Subjects

Subjects that cannot be taken together

  • Physics (042) and Applied Physics (838)
  • Chemistry (043) and Applied Chemistry (839)
  • Mathematics (041) and Applied Mathematics (840)
  • Informatics Practice (065) and Information Technology (802) or Web Application (803)
  • Business Studies (054) and Business Administrations (833)