History Class 11 Term-II Syllabus

The syllabus consists of four units: (i) Changing Cultural Traditions (ii) The Industrial Revolution (iii) Displacing Indigenous People (iv) Paths To Modernization.

Exam Structure

S. No. Units Marks
5. Changing Cultural Traditions 10
6. The Industrial Revolution 10
7. Displacing Indigenous People 10
8. Paths To Modernization 10
  Total 40

5. Changing Cultural Traditions

Focus: Europe 14th - 17th century

  1. New ideas, and new trends in literature and arts.
  2. Relationship with earlier ideas
  3. The contribution of West Asia
  4. Historians' viewpoints on the validity of the notion 'European Renaissance'.

6. The Industrial Revolution

Focus: England 18th to 19th century

  1. Innovations and technological change
  2. Patterns of growth
  3. Emergence of a working class
  4. Historians' viewpoints, Debate on 'Was there an Industrial Revolution?'

7. Displacing Indigenous People

Focus: North America and Australia, 18th to 20th century

  1. European colonists in North America and Australia
  2. Formation of white settler societies
  3. Displacement and repression of local people
  4. Historians' viewpoints on the impact of European settlement on indigenous population

8. Paths to Modernization

Focus: East Asia, late 19th to 20th century

  1. Militarization and economic growth in Japan
  2. China and the communist alternative
  3. Historians' Debate on the meaning of modernization
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