Entrepreneurship Class 11 Term-II Syllabus

The syllabus is divided into three units and Project Work. The units are: (v) Understanding the Market (vi) Business Finance and Arithmetic (vii) Resource Mobilization.

Exam Structure

S. No.  Unit Marks 
5 Understanding the Market 15 
6 Business Finance and Arithmetic 20  
7 Resource Mobilization
  Project Work  15 
  Total 50

Unit 5: Understanding the Market

  • Market; Concept, Types
  • Micro and Macro Market Environment
  • Market Research - Concept, Importance and Process
  • Marketing Mix

Unit 6: Business Finance and Arithmetic

  • Unit of Sale, Unit Price and Unit Cost - for single product or service
  • Types of Costs - Start up, Variable and Fixed
  • Break Even Analysis - for single product or service

Unit 7: Resource Mobilization

  • Types of Resources - Physical, Human, Financial and Intangible.
  • Selection and utilization of human resources and professionals like Accountants, Lawyers, Auditors, Board Members, etc.
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