Biotechnology Class 11 Term-II Syllabus

The syllabus consists of two units: (iii) Genetics and Molecular Biology (iv) Cells and Organisms.

Exam Structure

Units  Topics  Marks 
Unit - III  Genetics and Molecular Biology 10 
Unit - IV Cells and Organisms 25
  Total 35

Unit III: Genetics and Molecular Biology

Chapter 2: Genes and Genomes: Structure and Function

Discovery of DNA as Genetic Material, DNA Replication, Fine Structure of Genes, From Gene to Protein, Transcription - The Basic Process, Genetic Code, Translation, Mutations, Human Genetic Disorders.

Unit IV: Cells and Organisms

Chapter 1: The Basic Unit of Life

Cell Structure and Components, Organization of Life.

Chapter 2: Cell Growth and Development

Cell Division, Cell Cycle, Cell Communication, Nutrition, Reproduction, Immune Response in Animals.

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