Social Science Class 10 Term-I Syllabus 2022

The syllabus consists of four units: (i) India and the Contemporary World (ii) Contemporary India (iii) Democratic Politics (iv) Understanding Economic Development.

Exam Structure

Units   Marks
I India and the Contemporary World - II 10
II Contemporary India - II 10
III Democratic Politics - II  10 
IV Understanding Economic Development 10 
  Total  40

Unit 1: India and the Contemporary World - II

Section 1: Events and Processes

1. The Rise of Nationalism in Europe

  • The French Revolution and the Idea of the Nation
  • The Making of Nationalism in Europe
  • The Age of Revolutions: 1830-1848
  • The Making of Germany and Italy
  • Visualizing the Nation
  • Nationalism and Imperialism

Unit 2: Contemporary India - II

1. Resources and Development

  • Types of Resources
  • Development of Resources
  • Resource Planning in India
  • Land Resources
  • Land Utilization
  • Land Use Pattern in India
  • Land Degradation and Conservation Measures
  • Soil as a Resource
  • Classification of Soils
  • Soil Erosion and Soil Conservation

3. Water Resources

  • Water Scarcity and The Need for Water Conservation and Management
  • Multi-Purpose River Projects and Integrated Water Resources Management
  • Rainwater Harvesting

Note: The theoretical aspect of chapter Water Resources to be assessed in the Periodic Tests only and will not be evaluated in Board Examination. However, the map items of this chapter as listed will be evaluated in Board Examination.

4. Agriculture

  • Types of farming
  • Cropping Pattern
  • Major Crops
  • Technological and Institutional Reforms
  • Impact of Globalization on Agriculture

Unit 3: Democratic Politics - II

1. Power Sharing

  • Case Studies of Belgium and Sri Lanka
  • Why power sharing is desirable?
  • Forms of Power Sharing

2. Federalism

  • What is Federalism?
  • What make India a Federal Country?
  • How is Federalism practiced?
  • Decentralization in India

Unit 4: Understanding Economic Development

1. Development

  • What Development Promises - Different people different goals
  • Income and other goals
  • National Development
  • How to compare different countries or states?
  • Income and other criteria
  • Public Facilities
  • Sustainability of development

2. Sectors of the Indian Economy

  • Sectors of Economic Activities
  • Comparing the three sectors
  • Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Sectors in India
  • Division of sectors as organized and unorganized
  • Sectors in terms of ownership: Public and Private Sectors