English Class 10 Term-II Syllabus

The syllabus consists of three sections: (i) Reading Skills (ii) Writing Skills with Grammar (iii) Literature.

Exam Structure

Section  Topic  Marks 
Reading Skills  10 
Writing and Grammar  10
Literature 20 
  Total  40

Section A: Reading

Question based on the following kinds of unseen passages to assess inference, evaluation, vocabulary, analysis and interpretation:

1. Discursive passage (400 - 450 words)

2. Case based Factual passage (with visual input / statistical data / chart; 300-350 words)

Section B: Writing and Grammar


1. Formal letter based on a given situation.

  • Letter of Order
  • Letter of Enquiry

2. Analytical Paragraph (based on outline / chart / cue / map / report)


  1. Tenses
  2. Modals
  3. Subject-Verb Concord
  4. Determiner
  5. Reported Speech
  6. Commands and Requests
  7. Statements
  8. Questions

Section C: Literature

Questions based on extracts / texts to assess interpretation, inference, extrapolation beyond the text and across the texts.


  1. Glimpses of India
  2. Madam Rides the Bus
  3. The Sermon at Benares
  4. The Proposal (Play)


  1. Amanda
  2. Animals
  3. The Tale of Custard the Dragon


  1. The Making of a Scientist
  2. The Necklace
  3. The Hack Driver
  4. Bholi
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