List of Vocational Subjects (Skill Courses) in CBSE

At Secondary Level, a Skill subject may be offered as additional sixth subject along with the existing five compulsory subjects. If any student fails in any one of the three elective subjects (Science, Mathematics and Social Science), then it will be replaced by the Skill subject (offered as a 6th subject) and result of Class X will be computed based on best five subjects. However, if you desire to reappear in the failed subject, you may appear along with the compartment examination.

Class VI, VII and VIII

CBSE offers students the flexibility of making a vocational choice of a short duration module, of 12 hours for each module, at a stage in their early academic career (either at Class VI, VII or VIII). In this way they will be able to spend relevant time period pursuing this choice as per convenience of school, while benefiting from access to courses that are broader based.

This would give them the necessary orientation early on, so that they are able to make a choice at a later stage to pursue Skill courses at Secondary and Senior secondary level, or choose a higher vocational degree. In essence this flexibility will keep multiple career possibilities open for each student, instead of the current situation of rigidity once the first choice is made.

At Middle level (Classes VI to VIII), one Skill Module of 12 hours duration could be offered as an option to the students for single academic session as per convenience of Schools. Schools and students are free to opt Skill Module either at class VI or class VII or class VIII.

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Beauty & Wellness
  3. Design Thinking
  4. Financial Literacy
  5. Handicrafts
  6. Information Technology
  7. Marketing/ Commercial Application
  8. Mass Media
  9. Travel & Tourism

Secondary Level: Class IX and X

If any student fails in any one of the three elective subjects (Science, Mathematics and Social Science), then it is replaced by the vocational subject (offered as a 6th additional subject) and result of Class X Board Examination is computed accordingly.

  1. Retail
  2. Information Technology
  3. Security
  4. Automotive
  5. Introduction To Financial Markets
  6. Introduction To Tourism
  7. Beauty & Wellness
  8. Agriculture
  9. Food Production
  10. Front Office Operations
  11. Banking & Insurance
  12. Marketing & Sales
  13. Health Care
  14. Apparel
  15. Multi Media
  16. Multi Skill Foundation course
  17. Artificial Intelligence
  18. Physical Activity Trainer

Senior Secondary Level: Class XI and XII

  1. Retail
  2. Information Technology
  3. Web Application
  4. Automotive
  5. Financial Markets Management
  6. Tourism
  7. Beauty & Wellness
  8. Agriculture
  9. Food Production
  10. Front Office Operations
  11. Banking
  12. Marketing
  13. Health Care
  14. Insurance
  15. X-Ray Technician
  16. Horticulture
  17. Media
  18. Geospatial Technology
  19. Electrical Technology
  20. Electronic Technology
  21. Construction
  22. Taxation
  23. Cost Accounting
  24. Office Procedures & Practices
  25. Shorthand (English)
  26. Shorthand (Hindi)
  27. Air-conditioning & Refrigeration
  28. Medical Diagnostics
  29. Textile Design
  30. Design
  31. Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  32. Music Production
  33. Business Administration
  34. Food Nutrition & Dietetics
  35. Mass Media Studies
  36. Library & Information Science
  37. Fashion Studies
  38. Applied Physics
  39. Applied Chemistry
  40. Applied Mathematics

Applied Mathematics (840) cannot be offered as skill Elective at Class XI from the session 2020-21 as this subject will be offered as an Academic subject with modified syllabus with different subject code from the session 2020-21.

Also, Skill Electives - X-Ray Technician (Code no. 815), Music Production (Code no. 832), Applied Physics (Code no. 838) and Applied Chemistry (Code no. 839) have been discontinued w.e.f. session 2020-2021.