CBSE Class X New Exam Structure from 2018

The CBSE has changed assessment structure for the boards according to which students appearing for the class 10 boards will have to study for the entire syllabus. They are required to score 33% in both theory and internal assessment to pass.

The board examinations carry 80 marks and internal assessment carry 20 marks.

Internal Assessment - 20 Marks

Periodic Test (10 Marks)

For internal assessment, there are three periodic written tests. The average of the best two tests would be taken for final marks submission. The three tests may be held as one being the mid-term test and other the two being pre-mid and post mid-term with portion of syllabus cumulatively covered. The gradually increasing portion of contents would prepare students acquire confidence for appearing in the board examination with 100 percent syllabus.

Notebook Submission (5 Marks)

Five marks each are designated to notebook submission. Notebook submission, as a part of internal assessment, is aimed at enhancing seriousness of students towards preparing notes for the topics being taught in the classroom as well as assignments.

Subject Enrichment Activities (5 Marks)

These are subject specific application activities aimed at enrichment of the understanding and skill development. For languages, activities conducted for subject enrichment in languages should aim at equipping the learner to develop effective speaking and listening skills. For Mathematics, the listed laboratory activities and projects as given in the prescribed publication of CBSE or NCEERT can be followed. For Science, the listed practical activities can be carried out. For Social Science, map and project work cay be undertaken.


Discipline has been included as a grade subject and students are marked on attendance, sincerity, behaviour and values. Students are graded on a five point scale (A-E).

Remodeled Assessment Scheme

The examination from academic year 2017-18 is conducted according to the new model. Under the new scheme, you have to study six subjects instead of the usual 5 subjects in class 10.

You have to study two language papers, Science, Social Science, Mathematics, and an additional vocational subject. If you fail in any one of the three elective subjects (Science, Social Science, Mathematics), then it will be replaced by the vocational subject (offered as sixth additional subject).

  Name Marks
Subject 1 Language 1 100
Subject 2 Language 2 100
Subject 3 Science 100
Subject 4 Mathematics 100
Subject 5 Social Science 100
Subject 6 (Additional) Vocational 100

Vocational Subjects

For the sixth additional vocational subject, you are given 13 different subjects to choose from:

  1. Dynamics of Retailing
  2. Information Technology
  3. Security
  4. Automobile Technology
  5. Introduction to Financial Market
  6. Introduction to Tourism
  7. Beauty and Wellness
  8. Basic Agriculture
  9. Food Production
  10. Front Office Operations
  11. Banking and Insurance
  12. Marketing and Sales
  13. Health Care Services