CBSE Board Process of Revaluation of Marks

Only those candidates who have applied for verification of marks and photocopy of the evaluated answer sheet are eligible to apply for revaluation or challenge the marks awarded to any question in the following subjects only - English Core, English Elective, Functional English, Hindi Core, Hindi Elective, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Business Studies, Economics & Accountancy.

Request for maximum 10 questions can be entertained only for theory portion in the above subjects at Rs.100/- per question.

You have to refer to the marking scheme in the subject concerned which would be available on the website along with the question paper and then submit application for revaluation in the required questions with reasoning.

New Marks Sheet

In case there is variation of marks of +5 marks or more in the subject concerned after revaluation, then the marks awarded in the first evaluation in respect of that subject will be cancelled and the fresh marks awarded in the revaluation will stand valid for that particular subject(s) and a fresh marks statement will be issued incorporating the marks awarded in the revaluation.

However, if after revaluation, any change is observed in questions of upto 2 marks i.e. 1 or 2 marks, the same will be considered for addition even if less than +5.

In cases where marks are increased or decreased, a fresh marks statement will be issued to such candidates after surrendering the old marks statement.

Refund of Fees

In case of an upward revision of marks in the question, fee paid for revaluation will be refunded for that particular question only. In case the marks already awarded remain unchanged or decreased, then the amount of fee paid for revaluation will not be refunded.

You cannot appeal or review against the revaluation. You have to give an undertaking to the effect that the result of Revaluation can not be challenged in the Court of Law or make any claim on account of revision of marks in any forum.