CBSE Board Process of Rechecking & Verification of Marks

CBSE Board results are out! If you are not satisfied with your performance, you can apply for rechecking and verification of marks. You need to apply online for verification of marks.

The fee is Rs. 300/- per subject. Payment has to be made online through gateway (Credit or Debit card) / e-challan. No application or fee can be received offline in any mode i.e. Postal Order/DD/Money Order/Cheque, etc.

The result of verification of marks is uploaded on the Net. However, in case a mistake is detected, a formal letter is also sent by speed post. Request for verification can only be submitted once.

There are three different aspects:

1. Verification/rechecking of Marks: This is first step and if you apply for the verification of marks, your first page question wise marks will be re-totaled. It means that the examiner will not check your answers. It is simply re-totaling of question-wise marks.

2. Photocopy of answer sheet: This is the second step and only those candidates, who have applied for verification of marks can apply for photocopy of answer-sheet. If you are not satisfied with the outcomes of verification of marks, you can apply to get a photocopy of your answer sheet. You can not apply for photocopy of answer sheet directly without applying for verification of marks.

3. Revaluation of Marks: This is the third and final step. Only those who have applied for verification of marks and photocopy of answer sheet, can apply for revaluation of marks. You can not apply directly for revaluation of marks without going through the previous two steps.