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More than 70 thousand student takes SGAI Test

More than 70,000 students participated in the Student's Global Aptitude Index (SGAI) on 20 January 2013, conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education. So far, more than three lakh Class X students have opted for this test which indicates subject preference for senior secondary level.

The test is conducted for CBSE schools across India and worldwide. It is a first-of-its-kind SGAI which is a psychological tool that combines aptitude, interest, personality and academic achievements as components for a student's assessment. SGAI is optional for schools and students. This is aimed at helping students choose subjects at the senior secondary level.

The general trend is that subject choices are influenced by parental and peer preferences. The purpose of SGAI is to sensitize parents, teachers and students and initiate a dialogue on effective career planning.

The test has been designed by a team of experts comprising psychometrics, psychiatrists and practising school counsellors. It was pilot tested in 2011 before its implementation in 2012. The test has been customized to suit the Indian context and the variety of students in CBSE affiliated private, government and government-aided schools.

SGAI is a simple psychological test of one and a half hour. There are no right or wrong answers, negative marking, pass or fail. No syllabus and special preparation is required for it. However, a student is expected to give sincere responses for correct assessment as the scores may vary depending upon environmental stimulus and motivation level. It is considered as an 'indicator' or a 'facilitator' at the time of choosing subjects. Ideally, final decision on subject choices should be taken on the basis of assessment from other sources together with consultation and consensus of parents, teachers and students.

The assessment and interpretation of scores of SGAI 2013 will be done by the board under the supervision of an expert panel. Score cards will be issued to individual students after analysis and interpretation.

(Source: Times of India)

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